Recently, Omega replica updated a lot of good watches to its Constellation line. There are so many beautiful types for women. Today, I’m glad to share you this super clone Omega Constellation

The 29mm fake watch has blue sapphire hour marks.
Fake Omega Constellation Watch With Blue Sapphire Hour Marks

It is made from polished Canopus 18K gold. Canopus 18K gold is the particular material of Omega. Named after Canopus, a bright planet, this luxury material can always keep the charming gloss of the luxury fake Omega watches.

The blue strap fake watch is decorated with diamonds.
Blue Strap Fake Omega Constellation Watch

What’s more, this perfect copy watch in 29mm is decorated with bright cutting diamonds on the case, bezel and dial by art snow setting technique. Together, there are 12 blue sapphire hour marks on the diamond-paved dial that goes well with the blue alligator leather strap.

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